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Kingsley Jesuorobo is a lawyer by day, a writer by night and many other things in between.

Kingsley was born in Nigeria where he was trained as a lawyer and briefly practiced law before resettling in Canada where he returned to law school and continues to practice law. He has won numerous awards for professional excellence in the legal field. Kingsley holds several leadership positions in legal associations of his peers. He has also led several other organizations, including those promoting human rights and commerce.

While growing up in a nuclear family unit comprising of a father, a mother–who passed on early, three step-mothers and 24 siblings in Nigeria was extra-ordinarily eye-opening for him; and while uprooting himself from his upbringing and relocating to and resettling in a new and different Canadian environment were challengingly instructive for him; and while practicing law has been overwhelmingly impactful for him; it is the birth and rearing of his autistic son that has been the most profoundly life-altering for him.

In between his family, professional and social life, Kingsley converts his love for letters and logic into tools to construct poetic narratives that encompass and dissect sundry subjects: his personal life, autism, governance, politics, religion, philosophy, nature, romance and more.
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